Solar Installations

At Aj’s Australia we pride ourselves on good quality workmanship. Over the past 10 years the number of solar installs have increased as the price of electricity rises. If you have ever thought about changing your old system to a new Solar powered system, then now is the time.

The products available to us now are better than they have ever been, and with a huge range of different systems to choose from, we are certain we will find one to suite your home.

If you have 5 teenage daughters who live in the shower, or maybe you would just like to save on your energy bills then call us now for a free quote. Amazingly there are some solar systems on the market now that use no electricity at all, and if your are worried about those typical Canberra winter cloudy days causing you grief, we can install an electric or gas booster set-up so you will NEVER run out of Hot Water.