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If you could again pass on my thanks to Ben for his

work in installing the drainage. I appreciated his dedication in have the job done properly and for keeping me informed of the progress of the work (the extent to which I hadn’t really expected!!). A rather focussed and hard-working employee of your business.

My appreciation and thanks also to Ben Woods for his promptness in arranging the initial quote, for professionally answering the questions I had and for expectations were exceeded.

Where circumstances arise, I will be more than pleased to recommend your business to others.




AJ’s Plumbing


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from AJ’s Plumbing was the 3rd plumber to visit my apartment after 2 other plumbers had been in the previous week.

What started as leaking tiles rapidly turned into a big problem, with my downstairs neighbours banging on my door in a panic as their manhole was leaking water and their roof insulation was soaked!

This along with the floor tiles now producing enough water to soak a bath towel daily, and paint puffing away from the wall filled with water.

You can imagine then, with these symptoms, I believed the first two plumbers when they said I needed major work.

Why it took 3 plumbers, I am not sure but I do recall the first plumber saying that a specialist plumber need to visit, one that could rip out and rebuild my shower.

I had no reason to believe that was not the case, especially as my neighbours had water running through their manhole every time I ran a shower. The problem seemed serious.

To say I was delighted with Pat’s work as well as explanation of his work, would be an understatement.

I explained the problem to Pat, also that I was loathe to have my bathroom unusable for the time it took to rebuild.

I was confident that this work would take place, especially after 2 plumbers had said my shower would need to be ripped up.

Upon meeting Pat, I explained what had been told to me as he spent a few minutes inspecting the bathroom.

You can imagine my delight when within minutes Pat had diagnosed the issue, explained the water coming through the tiles as well as through the wall as something very simple.

Also that he would have it fixed within the hour. Which he did.

Please note this plumber could easily have put in a job charging many thousands of dollars, work that would have been expensive for ACT Housing and highly inconvenient for me.

If Pat is in anyway representative of AJ’s Plumbing in general, I would commend that they check all larger jobs that are diagnosed by other plumbers.