Terms and conditions

AJ’S Plumbing Australia PTY LTD


*Blocked drain- Before a warranty can apply CCTV required to inspect drain @ continuation rate (sewer or storm water) to insure pipe condition, if any problem is found repair of affected section is required before the 12months warranty can apply. In the event the plant equipment is stuck in the pipe the equipment would be removed at the clients cost this can include location of affected point & other services, including excavation to expose pipe & backfill hole & restore area to original. (All drainage must comply with AS3500 & local requirements before any warranty can apply)

*Warranty work- all warranty work to be done Monday to Friday 8.00am-4.00pm any warranty work required outside Monday to Friday 8.00am-4.00pm continuation charges would apply including plant equipment costs. (All plumbing, gas, drainage must comply with AS3500 standards & local requirements- before any warranty can apply) Any warranty only covers the exact location & work carried by AJ’s plumbing Australia, client must provide past invoices on work complete for warranty information.

*Material- AJ’s plumbing Australia own all material until invoiced cost is paid in full.

*Defects- Client has 7 days to report any defects with material, before a replace of item is offered AJ’s plumbing Australia would require an inspection of the product within 48hours of client reporting defect to AJ’s plumbing Australia. (Any defects caused by misuse or excessive force no warranty will apply)

*Plant equipment- any equipment stuck or damaged cost to recover or replace item is charged to the client equipment to be replaced to equal value.

*AJ’s plumbing Australia reserves the right to review & make changes to these terms & conditions at any time.

*Continuation rate definition- no service call will be charged, work to be done at

labour rate & plant hire costs.